Issue with configuring phones

Let me start this by saying I am new to FreePBX and VoIP in general. My company wants me to get FreePBX set up and running as a possible alternative to what we are currently using. I was able to get FreePBX installed and running, and was able to make inbound and outbound calls on my softphone (x-lite.) The issue I’m running into is I cannot get FreePBX ( with end point manager ) to configure my polycom ip560 phones. When I reset the phone I get an error message that says " cannot contact boot server, using previous configuration " and the phone goes back to how it was configured before I tried to mess with it.

I’m sure at this point that it’s just user error, but i’m not sure where I have made the error. I’m hoping someone can at least point me in the right direction here. I’ll start with how I have EPM set up.

Global Settings:
Internal IP Address: (IP address of freePBX system)
External IP Address:
Web Server Port: 80
HTTP Provision Port: 84
RESTfull Apps Port: 88
SIP Port: 5060
Phone Admin Password: 000000
Phone User Password: aa0000

Template for polycom:

Template Name:? tpi
Destination Address:? Internal
Missed Calls:? Enable
Persistent Volume:? Enable
Call Waiting Signal:? Beep
Time Server:?
Daylight Savings:? Enable
Time Zone:? -6
Background Image:? logo.jpg
Provision Server Address:? Server Address: (ip address of FreePBX)
Provision Server Protocol:? TFTP
Line Label:? Name Extension
Firmware Version? Recommended

On my actual Ip560 Phone, and this is most likely where I am doing something wrong.

DHCP Client: Enabled
Boot Server: Custom+Opt.66
BootSrv Opt: 160
Bootsrv Type: String
Vlan discovery: Fixed
Vlan ID opt: 129
IP Gateway:

Server Type: Trivial FTP
Server address: IP address of FreePBX
Sever User: 000000
Server Password aa0000
File Tx Tries: 3
Retry Wait: 1
Tag SN to UA Disabled
SNTP Address blank
GMT Offset -6
DNS Server
DNS Alt. Server:
DNS Domain : Blank

I really hope someone can help me out here. Thanks in advance

Do you have option 66 set in your DHCP server so the phone knows where to find your server?

Also make sure the phones are set as you indicated with option 66 selected.

I’m not sure if option 66 is set in the DHCP or not, i’m looking into that now. In the meantime i’m afraid there might be another issue as well. I was able to get the phone to communicate with the freepbx server by using a static IP, but I believe that when I did that I did not have the polycom upgrade files that are now required by polycom for using bootrom version 4.04xxx or higher . I have downloaded winscp and the correct files that I need, I am just kind of at a loss for where exactly they need to go on the FreePBX server. Also now when I boot up the phone, it is stuck in a cycle where it tells me the image is not compatible with the phone, then says error application not present, then reboots, then rinse and repeat. According to the polycom website the image is not compatible statement is due to not having those files i previously mentioned. I was not able to find anything about the application not present statement though, but I am not sure if I can still use the static IP option to point the phone at the server. Thank you again for your help, any insight on these new issues while I look into the option 66? the files that I got from polycom are:

the updater:

The polycom phone file (which I thought freePBX EPM was supposed to grab for me, but i’m not sure if it did.)

Config(Folder, empty)
languages (Folder, contents XML language files)
SoundpointIPlocalization (folder, contents more folders with language_country names)

then some Jpegs for backgrounds and a couple .wavs

If you would set option 66 to point to the FreePBX server you would not have to do any of this nonsense. You are spinning your wheels. The EPM takes care of these details (both the OSS and the Commercial).

I don’t know what “checking into it” means with regard to Opt. 66 What does your DHCP? If it’s a consumer router it probably doesn’t even have advanced options just turn it off and use the FreePBX server for DHCP.

I don’t have access to setting up/adjusting the DHCP, that would be my boss. Unfortunately, since we already have a phone server in place that we are currently using, opt.66 is pointing all of our phones towards that server ( altigen .) I am trying to get freepbx up and running to test so that we know whether or not we want to make the switch from altigen to freepbx. I think what i’m going to do is on an off day where all of our normal phones won’t be in use I’ll have it switched over to my freepbx server and make sure everything works properly, then from there there are just a few other things my boss wants to make sure that freePBX can do the way we want, things like setting up an IVR. Thanks so much for all of your help. I’ll post back to give an update on how everything goes. Cheers