Issue with both recording and leaving messages

Hi I’m having issues with the voicemail where when a call gets sent to a mailbox via a ring group then to an extension and its mailbox, it plays the generic mailbox greeting and then hangs up. It does the same when you try to record a personal greeting, You hear the message telling you to press 1 to record the message then it cuts off.

Current Asterisk Version: 16.13.0
Voicemail version 15.0.27

You need a G.729 codec and any licences it requires, or you should disable the use of G.729 in your system.

However, as the last posting says, it is questionable why you should want G.729. In particular, the trend it to increase telephony voice quality, rather than to reduce bit rate at the cost of quality. Even low wage call centres are probably tending towards that now.

Thank you for the information, the only reason i have been using G729 is because i get the following error when using G722 and G726, I would prefer to use G722.

Also getting this error on boot up

How did you install FreePBX?

G.722 and G.726 should be supplied with Asterisk, although may have to be loaded.

Note that G.711 (ulaw and Alaw) is a better alternative to G.722 than G.729, where quality is the issue. It has the same bandwidth as G.729, but has full telephone quality audio and can handle speech, whereas G.729 lose quality and is only designed for speech. G.722 trades off higher quantisation noise for increased bandwidth, in at the same bitrate as G.711.

Download and install on a micro sd then booted in a PI, unfortunately my phones do not support g711 so am currently stuck with either using G722 where both internal calls and voicemail works but external calls just drop when answered, or G729 where both internal calls and external call work but any calls to the voicemail drops when either trying to record a personal greeting or leaving a msg on a mailbox.

What was downloaded? (The standard distribution does not work on ARM devices.)

You have very strange phones if they don’t support both A-law and µ-law variants of G.711. Generally all VoIP devices do, as those were, and largely still are, the only codecs used on the PSTN, so anything else requires transcoding.

G.711u, PCMU and ulaw all mean the same thing.
G.711a, PCMA and alaw all mean the same thing.

Hi thank you both for your replies apparently I’ve learned something new, I was aware of the ulaw and alaw definitions but not the PCMU and PCMA so again thank you. Regardless I still get the same result using the g711 as I do when using g722, that is when an incoming call is answered it gets terminated straight away with the below error.

And I mean downloaded the freepbx image, installed it on a micro sd then booted up on a PI

What allow settings do you have for the two sides?

If you turn up the debugging, you may find that it tells you exactly how it has decided on the codec selection.

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