Issue with Blacklist module after successful upgrade from v15 to v16


In my setup I am handling black listed numbers differently than anonymous callers. Basically, they are directed to different system recordings using the Blacklist module and a custom Dynamic Route. In FreePBX 15 this worked flawlessly.

However, today I decided it was about time to upgrade my setup to FreePBX 16. The upgrade succeeded, after which I started testing and noticed that the Blacklist module now intercepts anonymous calls by default. The blacklist does not contain any references to handling anything else then two distinct spam caller phone numbers that I have to deal with.

When I turn off the Blacklist module, the custom Dynamic Route intercepts anonymous calls the way it did before.

Is there any way to tell the Blacklist module NOT to handle anonymous callers?

– Hans

Edit: The issue arises only with calls coming in to the system as ‘Anonymous’, anonymous calls coming in via my GSM gateway announced as ‘+’ are not intercepted by the Blacklist module.

I don’t think there are any changes between how blacklist works between 15 and 16.

Both ver 15 and 16 have a toggle that will block unknown callers, have you checked that?

Hi Lorne,

Thank you very much, that fixes it. For some reason it ended up at Yes after the upgrade and while looking for a solution I took the toggle for an on/off switch for the entire blacklisting functionality. So I never changed it.

– Hans

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