Issue w 1 button park on Cisco spa509


I’m trying to configure some of the line keys on a Cisco spa509 phone to PARK/UNPARK calls.
Park func seems to be working fine as expected. I have Line Key 9 configured as follows:
Extension: Disabled
Share Call Appearance: Private
Extended Function: fnc=sd;[email protected]$PROXY;nme=PARK

Now configuring Line Key 1 thru 4 (right of display) to monitor/pick up from parking lots 71-74 causes the phone to freeze !!! I have Line Key 1 as follows:
Extension: Disabled
Short Name: LN 1
Share Call Appearance: Private
Extended Function: fnc=blf+sd;[email protected]$PROXY;nme=LN 1

What’s interesting is that I have an attendant console attached to it and I move this configuration to a key on the console, it works fine and picks up the call!

Cisco fmwr ver is: 7.6.1. Very awkward.
Any idea what might be causing this? I really like to do this on the phone as there are enough keys and there is no need for an attendant console.


You might need to add cp (call Pickup) to the orbit keys
fnc=blf+sd+cp;[email protected]$PROXY

I actually had cp in there before and at some point while troubleshooting I removed it.
I put it back in there and same results. The line key does turn red indicating there’s a call parked in lot 71 but when I press it, the phones freezes showing the following on the screen!

Thanks for your help!

Yes that is pretty strange. Just make sure in the “Att Console” tab it’s set for Asterisk. Also try updating the firmware to the latest from Cisco : 7.6.2SR4. Maybe there is some information in the Asterisk Full log that can pinpoint the issue

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