Issue regarding freepbx local host login

Hey guys

I’ve spent two days now trying to get my Ubuntu instance running Freepbx with asterisk up and running so my postgres db can tie together

I am stuck at this step. Ive not created an account and all the username password combos ive attempted have gotten me nowhere.
Ive looked through previous posts on this and every other solution has worked for others except me.

is there any commands i should be running from my CLI to create this login info? I have no separte admin page from what i can tell.

Thanks so much:

Most all Freepbx distros use MYSQL/MARIADB as the backend ODBC server,setting up postgres is not trivial but can work, show us your work so-far , but why do you want to swim upstream against the flow?

This is the user control panel which is not the same as the Web Admin GUI. The Admin GUI typically lives on port 80.

hey dicko

what do you mean by swimming up stream against the flow? I really dont have too much done yet this is strictly a hobby thing and im fairly new to a lot of these concepts. I am just trying to get an understanding of all this stuff because its interesting