Issue on “Action: Extension State List”


I’m using “Action: ExtensionStateList” to monitor all the extensions but I need the status on “from-internal” context while the action use “ext-local” as default.
At the moment I didn’t find another solution to monitor the extensions and I dind’t find a way to use “from-internal” context instead of “ext-local” for that action.
Can someone help me?

PBX version 15
Asterisk version 16

Thank you

That AMI action lists the context where it is defined. If FreePBX defines them in the ext-local context, then that’s what will appear.

My extensions are all defined in “from-internal” context, at least this is what I can see from the advanced tab of my extensions.
Are you talking about the action itself?

The action lists hints, it is entirely possible that the hints are in ext-local. Note that included contexts don’t mean that the extension will appear in that context - to the action they would appear to be in the context they are defined in.

The output of “core show hints ext-local” from the Asterisk console would confirm what is in that context.

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