Issue editing Inbound Routes

FreePBX 15

I am having issue editing Inbound Routes. Whenever, I click the edit icon I am getting a corrupted page. I restarted the server but that didn’t fix it.

  • Any thought how to fix this?

It’s a bug in FreePBX. Simply do as instructed on the top left of the screen:

“Click Here. Report this to the PBX bug tracker.”

Thank you @reraikes,

Uninstall the IOT module.

@lgaetz what does IOT stand for?

Internet of things

Thank you, @lgaetz.
I disabled SmartOffice and that fixed it.

Though this is not the first time the commercial module causing issue to me this week. In FreepBX 14, I used to disable all commercial modules with [$$ Buy] next to them. When I upgraded to FreepBX 15, I had to enable the commercial modules as some were dependent on others for updates. This caused UCP not accessible. But Google helped me find a solution, so I went back and disabled all commercial modules with [$$ Buy]. Hope the quality people develop a process (from what has been reported here) to test the modules before sending them to users.


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