Issue adding .wav file to MOH

when I upload a WAV file I get the following error:

Undefined index: files

How big is your wav file?

Thank you for the response, the file size is 16.6MB

Distro system?

manual install

this is the method I used.

You have a php file upload limit set that you’ll need to modify.

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awesome, thanks! Any clue where I do that? :slight_smile:

I added the following to /etc/php.ini then restarted php and still get the error…

memory_limit = 256M

upload_max_filesize = 256M

post_max_size = 256M

That fixed it! You are the best, thanks so much for this help!!!

I’m having a similar problem with an new install of FreePBX 14. Initially I received the error message that the file size was too large (the file is a wav file, 3095kb in size). The wav file uploaded in an older version (2014) of FreePBX MOH without any issues. After reading this thread I increased the limits in the php.ini file (to memory_limit=256m, upload_max_filesize=256m, post_max_size=256mb). However, that did not allow the file to be uploaded int MOH. Now there is no error message, but the file just does not upload either by browsing to the file or drag and drop.

What am i doing wrong?