Isolate grouping and phones with same extension?

I am a PBX beginner and I wondering if is possible to register different phones with same extension but located in different groups independent of each other (or another isolate agrupation).

My desired scenario is:

Group called BAR:
phone person 1 with extension 0001
phone person 2 with extension 0002
Group called FOO:
phone person 1 with extension 0001

If person 2 calls dial 1, the call is only received by person 1 in the BAR group

How I can setting up this scenario?

FreePBX doesn’t really support multi-tenant systems. I believe Sangoma’s SwitchVox, commercial offering does. It’s also based on Asterisk, so Asterisk can do it.

Thank you David.
I will evaluate whether to create different freepbx instances or look for alternatives like the one you mention or fusionpbx.

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