ISND Hangup Cause of 1 playing"All Circuits Busy" Message

We had a user call a number that was no longer in service. Instead of playing the message from the Telco of “The number you have dialed is no longer in service” the ISDN hangup cause of 1 triggered the FreePBX box to play a message of “All Circuits Are Busy” Is there a way to change how the hangup codes are interpreted, so that a more useful message is relayed to the user?

I am using FreePBX 5.211.65-21 and Asterisk 11.14.2.

This is still a constant issue for us. It came up again when a call was made 1+ and they did not need to dial it as long distance. Instead of getting the Telco message of “You do not need to dial a 1…” the phone system is interjecting the “All circuits are busy” message, which is very misleading.

You can do what you can with the presumably installed “Route Congestion Messages” module, but it is ultimately variable as to how your VSP sends the unavailable message it gets from the PSTN, there is no standardized ISDN to SIP hangup cause association.