Is this a new WebUI of FreePBX?

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(Konstantin G.) #1

Right now I have the version of FreePBX with all module\system updates
This is how looks like the WebGUI interface:

I didn’t find any information regarding WebGUI changes, please can you verify that this is a new UI, or I have a local issue
Thank you

(Richard Smith) #2

There was an announcement recently that said they were changing the colour scheme to green.


I hope this is some kind of joke / festive holiday season color change. It’s absolutely HORRIBLE! It would be nice to have the “option” and least to keep the old color scheme versus the drab looking new one…

(Reinhard Stindl) #4

Adapt and evolve… :wink:

(Richard Smith) #5

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Oh come on now.

Mods please close this thread before any more opportunists show up to advertise for Clearly IP.

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