Is there any EOL(end of life) announcement for freePBX 2.11?


Just want to know has any end of life announcement been released for freepbx 2.11?

William Jin

2.11 is security fixes only

Hi tm1000

Thanks for the reply.

I mean freePBX V2.

Same answer I already gave you.

ok, just let me make myself clearer.

Based on freepbx download page, currently two stable versions of freepbx can be downloaded. Freepbx V12(freepbx-12.0.43.tar.gz) and Freepbx V2(freepbx-
I just want to know when will be the EOL of the freePBX V2 and only freePBX V12 is supported and maintained.

Version 2.11 is security fixes only until version 14 comes out

Is there any table or graphical timeline (like for asterisk EOL ), that stipulates clearly the dates of EOL for FreePBX versions 2.11, 12, 13 in terms of full support and security fixes only ?

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No. But we definitely should have one.

My experiences have been that customers don’t normally want to spend money where they don’t need to. In the customers mind if it’s not broken then …

With an official timeline provided by the manufacturer we would be able to offer the customer a planned upgrade path that would be totally supported. I think it would be a much easier sale with this type info.

We have been following this type of sales model for years with Microsoft based Windows Servers and it works, customers just budget for it.

As long as there is no official timeline, would it be right to assume that a particular FreePBX version is EOL as soon as the highest possible Asterisk version underneath is EOL ? E.g. FreePBX 2.11 is EOL when Asterisk 11 is EOL end of 2017 ?

On the other hand I’m still getting module upgrades and not only security fixes for 2.11 which is not the case anymore for Asterisk 11 …

No. FreePBX version is not linked to Asterisk version.

You are mistaken. 2.11 is end of life and I’m sure there has been nothing published for years. Version 12 is also end of life, with nearly nothing published this calendar year. FreeBPX 13 is the current supported version, with 14 in beta.

Our policy has always been the current working version so this case 14 and the current stable version which in this case is 13 both are supported and worked on. Major security issues get back ported ton2 additional versions usually

That’s great but please spell it out in a timeline format with dates like other software manufactures do so there is no need for interpretation. Customers need to be spoon fed.

Pretty sure a wiki exist on this already. If not then please feel free to open a feature request and someone can get something done.

How is that time table coming along?

It doesn’t exist. 2.11 is EOL

Well, the thread is also about a lack of a table to show EOL for FreePBX versions on the wiki. Guess I will do a feature request