Is there an automatic logoff (time out) for admin / UCP GUI?

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I wonder if there is an automatic logoff for the admin / UCP GUI? If not can I implement one? Any tips for direction? Thanks in advance

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Try setting the Session Timeout in Advanced Settings.

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Thank you @PitzKey. I was able to set a 15 minutes timeout for the Admin GUI but not the UCP GUI. I tried a fracture of a day (0.0007) but that did not work. Any suggestion? We do not use the UCP GUI often and feel a one day is long.

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IIRC there used to be such a setting for UCP in advanced settings as well. But could be I’m wrong.

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There is:

UCP Session Timeout
The number of days a session token will be valid for. Clear this setting if you want tokens to last forever (Not Recommended)

However, if we login once or twice a day the UCP session will be open for most of the week. I tried (0.0007) as a test but the session was still open after several minutes.

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Then file a feature request to allow setting minutes or hours.

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I will do so, thanks @PitzKey.

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