Is there a way to send an automated text when an extension is dialed?

I’m trying to see if there is a way to send an automated text to a group of users when an extension is dialed.

The idea goes something like this. It’s time to change the person on call. An IVR is dialed, which dials our custom extension, which sends a text to the group letting them know who is now on call. , then it toggles the call flow to direct calls to him.

Does this seem possible?



What does that custom extension’s dialplan currently look like? How do they set themselves as “on call”?

FreePBX itself doesn’t have anything built-in for SMS, but companies like Twilio allow you to curl a one liner which is pretty easy to do in the dialplan.

You can use this method to route calls depending on who’s on call:
Using Dynamic Routes for Call Flow Control

Here is a one way you can automate sending an SMS:
FreePBX Dialplan Customization - FreePBX Documentation - Documentation

exten => s,1,TrySystem(echo “${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},%d/%m/%Y-%H:%M)} …Call From ${CALLERID(all)}” | mail [email protected])

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