Is there a way to restart the first time setup wizard again?


I setup a new freepbx 15 machine but during setup wizard the machine started to detect astrisk settings but at the time the machine wasn’t nat through internet. i left the setup as it is and went to change machine ip through cli and given it an ip which had internet access. when i again opened gui using that new ip address, i am not seeing the initial setup wizard. can we run it again somehow to go through the wizard again? please help.

@lgaetz might tell us if this is a bad idea, but it just worked for me:

fwconsole mysql

then at the MySQL/MariaDB prompt:

delete from kvstore_OOBE;

log in to the admin GUI and you get the OOBE.

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Looks benign to me. Probably something that can be done using fwconsole kvstore .... but I’m not sure exactly how to use kvstore since it comes up so rarely for me.

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Thanks. It worked.

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