Is there a way: to play MOH (when you have multiple catagories)

Hi SangomaOS Team:

Say we wanted to hear (play) the current MOH (from an IP endpoint).
In the past, for years, this how we would do it

#1: Make a new ring group (690)
#2: In the extensions list, enter one which does not exist (9999)
#3: For the final destination, choose terminate call … put caller on hold forever

Now, from any IP phone, one can dial 690#, and you will hear the MOH.

But now, what to do when you have (3) categories of MOH, and you want to hear a specific one … (not just the default category)?

Any tips for playing a specific category of MOH from an IP endpoint?

We don’t mind having multiple ring groups
690 = category 1 (default)
691 = category 2 (2nd company)
692 = category 3 (3rd company)

A cool way to have people hear their MOH from an IP phone is the goal.

Thanks for any tips or suggestions.

You create custom or misc. destinations that have those extension numbers and then play the MoH category.

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Hi Tom:

I was trying to figure out and do what you suggested, but I got lost along the way.

I was not able to make a new misc destination which would do what you mentioned.

Can you offer more tips on how to do this?

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