Is there a way to play a recorded message to a caller while on a call?

Hey everyone. Here’s what I’m looking to do and wondering if this is possible. We do a lot of cold calls each day. It would be great if each of my sales reps could record a message somehow with their perfect voicemail to the customer. Then when they get voicemail when calling someone, they can just hit a button and have it play back that recording to the customer instead of having to say their whole message over and over.

Just thought I’d check if that’s possible at all or if there’s any suggestions. I haven’t seen anything about doing this. Thanks!

Are you from Oshkosh, WI?

Awesome that worked thanks!!!

Should be fairly easy to do. This is what I think will work.

Create a system recording it can really say anything. Once you have created and named it, click on the recording in the far right column. You will then see, among the options to “link to feature code”. The recording may be updated by entering this code.

Create a Misc. Application that points to the recording.

If you’re on a call, do a blind transfer to the feature code. The recording will play to the called party.

Depending on the phone you are using, you may be able to program a single button to do the blind transfer.

Thanks I’ll give that a try! What happens at the end of the recording though if I do a blind transfer, since this is on a customer’s voicemail, how would it know to hang up?

In the announcements configuration simple program to disconnect after playing message.