Is there a way to delete RSS feeds from the terminal screen?

I need to delete the links for the RSS feeds using the terminal screen. This is causing the dashboard to not load fast when on a private network. I understand you can go into advanced setting to change it there, but due to the the dashboard not loading, I would like to delete them from the terminal screen.

You should be able to go there directly without hitting the dashboard first by appending the bellow to your PBX address.

https://{PBX ADDRESS}/admin/config.php?display=advancedsettings

if you are referring to the RSS feeds on the dashboard you can simply remove all of them from advanced settings and they will disappear from the dashboard

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Typing in the actual link should work to bypass the dashboard. Thank you for that suggestion.

From bash prompt, you can set to null with

fwconsole setting RSSFEEDS ""

There is also a RSS feed setting for UCP which may cause you issues as well, UCPRSSFEEDS also settable in advanced settings.

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