Is there a max amount of seconds for Park timeout?

I seem to recall this used to be 300 seconds. The problem we are having is 5 min doesn’t appear to be enough time for this client and when it rings back they are busy. The failover Destination doesn’t have any great options since they have multiple locations. My thoughts were to set it to something ridiculous so they are on hold until they hang up or get picked up. It took 3600 seconds for example, but is there any actual max? Freepbx 15.

It’s defined in the parking lot, default is 45 seconds.

Yes I understand that and am aware, but is there a max seconds you can put. Meaning if I put 3600 is it only going to do 300 seconds if that is the max? Hopefully that makes sense

Ah, I misunderstood. I chose a random number of 90210 and populated the GUI parking lot timeout field with it, then queried the parking lot from the asterisk CLI and get:

*CLI> parking show default

Parking Lot: default
Parking Extension   :  70
Parking Context     :  parkedcalls
Parking Spaces      :  71-78
Parking Time        :  90210 sec
Comeback to Origin  :  no
Comeback Context    :  parkedcallstimeout
Comeback Dial Time  :  30 sec
MusicOnHold Class   :  default
Enabled             :  yes
Dynamic             :  no

Parked Calls

So there doesn’t appear to be a functional maximum for the parking lot, but you may run into limits with RTP timeouts in Settings → Asterisk SIP Settings, particularly if you don’t specify MOH.

Excellent. Maybe it was Freepbx14 that had the 300 second limit, I know I saw that somewhere. Thanks as usual Lorne!

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