Is there a Click to Call type function in Asterisk/FreePBX?

Hey everyone. On my old Hosted PBX, we had a click to call feature which was really handy. Basically, each user could log into their portal (similar to the asteriskurl/recordings) interface. They could either click on a number in their address book, call log, or just click dial, and a window would pop up saying:

Your Number:
Number to Call:

They could then enter say their cell phone or home phone # into the Your Number field, and under Number to Call it would show the number they just clicked, or they could type someones number there. They’d click dial, then on their cell phone or home phone or whatever number they put into Your Number, that phone would ring. It would show their direct line or office line was calling them. As soon as they answer, hold music would play, and it would call the customer or number they entered into the “Number to call” field. To the person they just called, the caller ID would show their office number.

This was great because it allowed them work from home and to make call and receive them as an incoming call to their cell phone.

I know there’s a Callback feature in FreePBX but it seems it requires the user to actually call into it first then hang up and receive the call back which sort of defeats the purpose.