Is there a cfg generator for the Aastra phones?


Lucky me! I got my hands on an Aastra 6755i

I want to configure it as a local station but the user guide is kind of useless. The admin guide is HUUUUGE. I have the phone on the network and I can access the admin WebGUI but I wonder if there is a config generator or something in FreePBX for sip phones for a simple extension OR is there an area I can view tutorials of this seemingly wonderful phone?

I just want it working as a simple local extension first, then play with more settings.

I am using FreePBX Distro.


I’d look into the commercial end point manager. Don’t know why you say the Admin guide is useless. That’s what most of us used to write configs Before there was an EPM.


The 67 series Aastras are neat in that you can do a pretty complete config via the GUI, then under troubleshooting you can download the server.cfg and local.cfg files to get readable examples of provisioning files. Not a user but the OSS EPM also supports this phone.

@w5waf: Thanks. btw, I never said the admin guide was useless.

@lgaetz: Great to know! I will have to check it out.

Here is a basic issue I am having: I have registered the phone on the system but I cannot make ANY calls with the phone (local or outbound). I immediately get a “Call Failed” message and the fast busy tone on the phone. I can receive calls no problem. Any thoughts on that one?