Is there a better way to get a FreePBX Statistics on the Dashboard?

I’m refering to FreePBX Statistics windows in Dashboard

I think my question isn’t very clear.
I like the information, but I wish it was broken out into a more useful view. Separate the items into different sections.
Is there a module or something I can do to make this more useful to me?

Thank you,

I don’t think it’s possible at this time. There are other apps like zabbix / prometheus that can give you a more configurable dashboard, if you’re just looking for stuff like memory, disk usage, etc. The only downside is that they would live outside of FreePBX,

The module you are using is Open Source. Just sayin’…

IIRC, there are SNMP MIBs for Asterisk and CentOS, so you could switch over to something a little more comprehensive using SNMP.

That way you can add an index to the x axis (seriously, who wrote that ‘graph’ ? unlikely anyone who did math in grade school)

Thank you.

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