Is the "Include Hold Time" option no more available in Queue Call Recording settings?

I want to record calls, incoming to queue, starting with the agent answer, not at music on hold start.
How can I do that now?
Also, how can I adjust recording volume for the queue.

There are no more such settings in Queue module.

You can not. If you want the queue to start the recording it starts at the time it enters the queue. If you dont want that then set each extension to record external incoming calls and they will start at the time they get any call to the phone.

Thanks for this advise. But ealier there was an option for that. Is it depreciated or so? And if so, is it possible to return it back?
The problem is that not every call for the extension should be recorded, but from the individual queue only.

This functionality was removed a short time, does with Viirtual Queues still exist?