Is the Deployment ID of a system persistent across FreePBX installs on the same hardware?

I have been running a FreePBX system as a trial / test system to become familiar it and proof it before converting it to our live system, and I would like to include at least one paid module in this testing. I plan to wipe FreePBX and reinstall it on the same hardware before making it the live system, however, to get rid of all of the cruft from my trial and error work during testing. Will the deployment ID for a fresh install on the same hardware be different, or will it stay the same? Basically, I don’t want be use up my one system move for paid modules right out of the gate.

Marketing just corrected me:

we do not move licenses between ID’s, and we allow two moves now, and if they utilize the same hardware they do not need a new deployment ID or zend reset

I have reformatted and rebuilt software on my system several times - no hardware changes. Did it for same reason you stated. Same deployment id each time (thank goodness).

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