Is suffixing number with # on UCP Follow me list necessary?

The description for the follow me list in UCP says I need to suffix a number on a remote system with pound #.

Now all of my numbers on remote systems work with and without #, so when is this actually needed?

When you want to call a real telephone number like a mobile phone, not an extension.

If you don’t add # and the number is external to your system then it will automatically add “#”

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Then I recommend you remove this from the help description, cause users never need to use #.

That is not true. You can force different functionality on local extensions by adding the #

If that is the case, then I don’t understand the help description.
"You can include an extension on a remote system, or an external number by suffixing a number with a pound (#)."
For external numbers, unlike the description states, the # is not needed, cause it gets added regardless.
Then the description should say something about what # does when used on local extensions.