Is sending fax an exclusive FaxPro feature?

If I want to try to send faxes from latest FreePBX interface, should I exclusively install the FaxPro module or the basic distro installation already provides this function ??
I’ve searched forum for this but all refer to FaxPro and older FFA or other software to be installed.

Does FaxPro have a sort of trial license to check this functionality ??

Thank you

Sorry for re-propose this question, could someone pass me this info ?

AFAIK FreePBX FAX Pro hasn’t a demo license or a demo grace period of time to let you test its features.

FreePBX FAX Pro lets you to send FAXes directly from User Panel (management of incoming FAXes is manageable through FreePBX even if FreePBX FAX Pro module isn’t installed). Also, it lets you to be notified (via e-Mail) about incoming and outgoing FAXes (this latest feature was very recently added).

Fax Pro is the only supported way to send faxes.

Thank you very much for answering,

I read something probably old, here in forums, about issues in using T38 protocol with FreePBX with real Fax machines connected to ATA fxs.

As old fashioned users want to have that piece of hardware to deal to, is this last method anyway affordable nowaday ??