Is queuerules.conf supported in Freepbx?

I need to implement custom rules for my queues using queuerules.conf. If I create the file and reload I see the rules with “queue show rules”, but the Queue commands in extensions_additional.conf still look the same. Changing something like the max wait time and applying the change does cause the Queue command to change but the rule name is still not added to the command:

exten => 5100,n,Queue(5100,t,600)

I was expecting something like:

exten => 5100,n,Queue(5100,t,600,more_members)

Is there some other way custom rules are applied? I don’t see any way to enter the rule name for a queue on the queue definition page. BTW, we have been using wrandom and we’ve been seeing some variations that follow the penalties that have been entered, just not to the extent we need.

We are running Asterisk and Freepbx