Is PJSIP stable?

Do all the features of of pbxact work great with pjsip or should I stick with chan_sip? Is there a reference guide on what the benefits are for PJSIP over chan_sip?

Thank you in advance


The major advantage of pjsip is that you can have multiple devices register to the same extension. I’m not sure of any explicit features that are lacking vs chan_sip, and, chan_sip is now in maintenance mode, and no new features will be added to it. Most of the work on the Asterisk SIP driver is now against the PJSIP channel driver.

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Another huge advantage is that PJSIP doesn’t needlessly grind to a halt when it loses DNS. Also note that this isn’t an either/or question, both drivers happily co-exist, so you can ease into PJSIP by creating a few extensions or a single trunk for testing purposes without affecting your chan_sip devices. Just pay close attention to the SIP port numbers when doing so.