Is it time to make 2.9 Final?

So what's up with 2.9? Ok, I confess, last minute spring vacation plans diverted my attention last week, but hey, how can I deny my daughter the chance to go to Disneyland with her best friend! (And a bit of sunshine after the non-stop clouds and rain we've been having here in the Northwest was much needed!) So … a lot is going on, [url=/news/2011-03-28/time-for-a-distro]New Distro[/url], FreePBX 2.9 probably ready for final release, [url=/open-telephony-training-seminar]FreePBX training[/url] coming up next month, let's get caught up.

FreePBX Distro

We pre-annoucned the up and coming FreePBX distro last week and the response has been great. Some of you have had a look at it and so far so good. The team is tying up a few loose ends so that we can get a proper beta out for general download. We’ll also create a forum topic for the distro to try and segregate the discussion a bit though all and all, most ‘distro’ discussions are usually just FreePBX discussions (as you may have noticed in the posts from most of the other FreePBX Distros out there.)

FreePBX 2.9

So what’s the plan with 2.9? Well the release candidate has been out for a few weeks now and the overall 2.9 base is over 3000 active systems. With that sort of coverage and the current minimal bug rate, as well as the nature of the bugs, I think it’s almost time to make it final. I’ll have a review of the few outstanding bugs and the trend over the last week to assess if we should pull the trigger.

I brought up the changes in the Module Admin online repository a few posts back and in particular, mentioned the commercial category which has not been used up to now. Well we are almost ready to start making some modules available through this repository category as I’ve mostly finished the server side tools that will let us pull just the module.xml and tarballs from third party providers and make such modules available to you. I know that Schmooze has some great modules that they have had available for quite some time and will be posting some of them there. For any of you out there who have such modules that you would like to make available, please PM me and we can work out what is needed to get you setup as well. We are very excited to be kicking off this ability as there are some good add-ons to FreePBX out there and helping users get connected with the available solutions is a great step forward!

FreePBX OTTS Training

We’ve had some great response to the training class coming up and it has been filling up a lot quicker that has typically been the case in the past! If you are thinking about attending, you may want to make sure to get yourself registered and have a spot. I can’t say if it is going to fill up or not, so don’t want to create any false urgency, but, as mentioned it’s filling up a lot sooner than previous classes so …

Ok, phew! Lot’s going on and it’s Saturday morning so time for me to get back to having a weekend while keeping all the balls in the air. I’ll be back shortly to keep you up to date on all the progress!

Philippe - On behalf of the FreePBX Team!


I have been using FreePBX for several months.

I have loaded the AsteriskNOW 1.7.32 distribution.

I have had to reload twice, due to things breaking, after a “yum update.”

I just reloaded again.

My question is: do I need to do “yum updates?”

If I just do the updates from the web interface am I better off?



Any yum updates you do should have nothing to do with FreePBX.

You need to decide yourself if there are yum updates available if they are something you want/need.

FreePBX does all it’s update in Module Admin, when there are updates available you usually want them from there.

We we come out with our own Distro, they yum updates are something that we will control a lot closer within a distro release so that you are not being presented with random yum updates from the distro that you don’t need, that is one of the purposes of doing the distro is to control that and not be caught by surprise because of random updates that were not even necessary but ended up breaking something.