Is it possible to provide local `"phone service" for a small community

as the topic reads`- can I provide a phone service for a small community of 200 people with their own phone numbers and voice mail using FPBX distro and Trunk services? Is there a thread on this?

I guess I would want to use some standard sip phones that I configure to send to each person that will access a server I build. Does this make sense or am I crazy?

Thanks for any input.

Short answer: yes it is possible.

Medium answer: Yes, you need to take care of the the network, the ISP to provider(fees & emergency trunks) and much much atention in the QoS and bandwidth to avoid “choppy” calls and bring a good service.

Inspirational answer: Yes, take a look here:

I just some information on trunks as well as getting bandwidth, if needed, with a static IP. I understand about the 911 now but I am unclear about QoS.

I have a sever based machine which is a little older but uses 64 bit technology. I looked up the minimum and preferred hardware specs for a smaller setup than mine. I am guessing that will have about 200 users or “extensions”. I think my hardware should be good enough for that. I’ll list specs on my profile.

I will have to do some digging in the forum to get some real good information.

Thanks for the inspirational answer, it put me over the top!

Here we go…