Is it possible to force a minimum outbound call duration?

Is it possible to force a minimum outbound call duration? For example, I make am outbound call. I hang up after 4 seconds but I want the pbx to keep the call active for a minimum of 10 seconds before it internally terminates the call.

What do you want to do after the far end ‘hangs up’ ?

Actually, I don’t care as much about the far end hanging up too soon, that doesn’t really happen much. It’s more of an issue when my local side (my users) hang up too soon. Just for reference of why I’m asking this, Telco’s don’t like us to have a high percentage of “short duration” calls (calls lasting less than 6 seconds). We run into this when voicemail picks up on outbound calls and our users hang up instead of leaving a message, unintentionally creating a lot of short duration calls. So if we could internally delay our own side terminating those calls until at least xx seconds has passed is the goal.

Most of our call volume is inbound calls, and inbound calls don’t count toward the calculation of short duration calls, so the few outbound calls that we do can make a big impact on the percentage of short duration calls.

What is the technology of your outgoing trunks ? Who is your Telco ?

Sip Trunks. Telnyx and Twilio.

Just guessing here , but there is a context ‘[macro-hangupcall]’ that most calls go through that you might be able to ‘override’ and add a delay before exten => s,n(hangup),Hangup

You can also tell your users to “Not do that”

I’ll look into that context, thank you.

I think you are addressing the symptom and not the cause, and providers may notice large numbers of six second call and take action against those.

I’m guessing they are trying to stop people making calls which are immediately returned by the other party. They may only bill for outgoing calls, even if they get something from the upstream operator for taking the inbound ones.

With pure Asterisk, there is a Dial option that allows the callee to be diverted to another part of the dialplan if the caller hangs up, but I’m not sure how to exploit that under FreePBX.

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