Is it possible to delay dialed number?


Silly question, is there a way to increase the time the system waits for a user to dial a number

I have a few users who are a tad slow to dial, and quite a few times the system ends up dialling the incomplete number



This is a phone setting, what type of endpoints?

oh ok, is assumed it was a system setting

Cisco 79x1G series, all configured using the commercial module Endpoint Manager




The answer is yes. I have programmed dial plans for 7961 with freepbx, but I have not used Endpoint Manager module to provision.

You need to edit the dialplan.xml file, and you can increase the timeout for time waiting for any digits to be entered (i think default is 10seconds)

Add a pattern to match “*” and change the timeout value to 20 for example

Then, if no other patterns are matched, it will wait 20seconds before timing out and sending whatever digits have been entered. However if the person dials 10 digits and that matches a 10 digit pattern with a timeout of 0 for example, it will still be routed immediately.

Excellent - that sorted it, now all i need to know is how Endpoint Manager generates the dial plans so I can edit the master template

Thank you


The dialplan.xml file you need to edit is probably in tftpboot, however im not sure if the module will keep overwriting your changes if you do customize it.

Not familiar with the mod