Is it possible to check voicemail by dialing user's own DID?

I feel dumb having to ask this, but nobody’s ever asked me this until today and I just need a yes or no answer (well, if yes, then I need to know how).

If a particular user has their own DID and they call into their DID from a remote location, and that DID is directed to their extension, then if no one answers they should get their voicemail. But if it is that extension’s user calling in, they may want to check their voicemail rather than leave a voicemail message. Is there any sequence of keys they can press at that point (after the voicemail greeting has started) that will allow them to enter their PIN and then listen to their voicemail, just as if they had dialed *97 from their own extension?

Press * during the voicemail greeting.
It will then ask for the password.


Thanks, much appreciated!

That helped me as well