Is it possible to add conditional extension?


I have one queue i use for several did on my freepbx server.

Is there a way, when the caller goes out of the que because it is his turn, that freepbx send him an announcement depending of his initial DID ?

If i used asterisk, i would put a variable on the caller and i will test the variable when he goes out of the queue.

Is that possible with freepbx ?

Thank you

For each DID, you will need to create a separate Inbound Route. This gives you lots of options.

One option is to use “CID name prefix” field to add info to the visible caller id that is passed through. Example, add “Sales”. Then if John Doe calls, the caller ID will show “Sales John Doe” or something like that.

Another tool is to use the “Alert Info” field in the Inbound Routes, to pass a non-visible “variable” tag along with the call.

In other words, enter some different identifiable text in the Alert Info field of the different Inbound Routes (this can be done in other locations as well, such as Queues). You could use the 10 digit phone number for example, or some other meaningful label like “Sales”.

Then in your phone, you can have different Ring Tones based on the Alert Info. Different phone brands handle this in different ways… but for example, Yealink has an “Internal Ringer Text” field that corresponds to the “Alert Info” variable. To set this, I go to Settings > Ring and enter the Alert Info text into the “Internal Ringer Text” field. Then I set a different Ring Tone for that label.

Using these two methods, I get visual notification via Caller ID, and different ring tones for each DID… up to the limits of my phone (10 different ring tones).