Is it legal to resell asterisk/freepbx

Do you need to make changes to the system in order to resell it, if so what kind of changes and does the GNU come in to play. I just love the system and have been using it for my own company for a year. As an interconnect for 25 years I would like to install this for my own customers.

You can sell a product with asterisk/freepbx on(in) it but the components should be free. The proper credits must also remain in place. You can brand said products with permission of the authors but there will likely be a licensing fee…

I asked this question once and was told that I was free to remove the FreePBX branding and add my own if I wanted. Can anyone shed more light on this?

I know phillipe is(was) in az for astricon so not sure when he will pop in again but he would be the one to ask. I would say it would be proper reguardless of weather you have to to send a kick back to the project since they did all the work…

I will gladly donate to the project, I was planning to weather I sell a system or not, as I can see having freepbx is good for the hole community and I like the direction of this project, not like the call home pro type project.

we should create a list of euphemisms for “the call home pro type project.” :slight_smile:

Is there a way to get the endpoint manager from trixbox CE installed on a asterisk/freepbx combination. It think the server with freepbx pre-installed is a good alternative but I would like to see an endpoint manager added to the system like one of the modules. I’m using polycom phones and love the way Pingtel implemented the endpoint manager. They also have on open source version of their SIPX PBX
If some one could put the pingtel endpoint manager functionality in freepbx will really kick off freepbx server as a total system.