Is is just me or is not working right?

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(Adolfo) #1

I’m trying to purchase a commercial module, but the products aren’t all showing up… none are showing under 25 year licenses… only a few under 1 year licenses.
Tried a different browser and PC… ??

(Bryan Walters) #2

I’m not having any issues here. If you are still having issues, you might want to open a support ticket at for us to grab some additional information.

EDIT: After working with a couple of guys here, we were able to reproduce the issue you were experiencing and this should be resolved.

(James Zhu) #3

yes, i access from china, if login the portal, it is very slow and sometimes, we can not redirect to support or order menu and video can not play. If I use VPN, it will faster. you have to optimized the portal.

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