Is FreePBX will work with Asterisk Business Edition 2.5.8

Hi Team,

We are trying to install Asterisk Business Edition-C.2.3.3-rpms-i386

We like the features of FreePBX, so we want to install PreePBX with Asterisk Business Edition.

I had seen some issues at

Would you please suggest the FreePBX support in Asterisk Business Edition-C.2.3.3-rpms-i386.

While I would suppose this is something a person could do. I would also imagine that doing so would negate any support from Digium from there on out.

The support being ( in my mind ) the biggest reason to use AsteriskBE… I am not seeing the benefit. At that point why not just use Asterisk?

It should work with the latest FreePBX. It was fixed in 2008:

Do you get any errors installing it?

Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

Already we had installed Asterisk Business Edition - rPathAppliance - C.2.3.3.

By default it’s coming with Asterisk GUI,right now we are working on that GUI.

I am thinking that there is no possibility to install FreePBX on above version.

But we want to move to FreePBX GUI, Could you suggest me how can I configure FreePBX and also provide the list of databases supported by FreePBX.

The last time I tested Asterisk Business Edition with rpath it did not work as rpath distribution was missing a lot of software like apache, php and mysql. Those are required by FreePBX to run.

And as I have not worked with Asterisk BE C.2.3.3 I can not provide any details on how to setup FreePBX with it as I actually don’t know how to do it.

If you will do any research on Asterisk Business Edition with rPath + FreePBX,Please share your thoughts with me.

I will work on it. Any way I am very happy for your support.