Is FreePBX still being maintained?

I ask because the website seems broken. The “free” download requires me to fill out a form, which then fails to submit.

And then there are tons of links that go to obviously wrong places, like this one, where I tried to report the bug:

If you have a software bug to report, visit the FreePBX Issue Tracker

What do you mean? I just downloaded the distro…

distro download

FreePBX vs Infrastructure are completely different… The circus that handles things like the webpage, wiki, etc like to move and break things. Being that it worked for @Charles_Darwin you may look at your browser or try it in incognito in case you have a plugin breaking it.

As far as FreePBX itself goes while not in a way many of us care for it is still being maintained. They just released a beta (perhaps alpha) script for installing debian in a way that should support commercial modules with FreePBX 17. While that isn’t production ready it is proof of continued movement.


Well, I mean exactly what the screenshot shows. It didn’t work. I tried filling in all the fields. I tried a different email address. Etc. No explanation of what is wrong. Just that error.
I have now tried Firefox instead of Safari, and I got it downloaded.

There should be a link to the download somewhere, rather than a webform that is obviously not working completely.

In fact, here it is for the current version:

Thanks! That’s what I needed to know.

Well I downloaded the file using Safari…and it worked. Maybe there was a transient problem…no big deal.

FreePBX is the gateway drug to PBXact so is it being maintained, absolutely. Sangoma isn’t stupid and they know where a significant percentage of their customers are coming from, although I am quite sure their salesteam must have a meeting every week crying into the beer about how FreePBX is cannibalizing PBXact sales…lol

As long as Sangoma does not make the mistake that IBM made when it’s salesteam started whining about those “upstart desktop PC’s cannibalizing the sales of our AS/400’s…” we will be fine. I THINK that IBM still exists in some form out there…

Greetings everyone,

I can confirm 100% that FreePBX is receiving dedicated and ongoing maintenance.
Its in my budget :slight_smile:

The beta release of FreePBX 17 on Debian 12 is super exciting and a next major step in FreePBX evolution. This achievement required an extensive effort, impacting not just the main PHP code but the entire underlying infrastructure of FreePBX.

Furthermore both Asterisk and FreePBX are now managed under the unified Open Source initiative at Sangoma headed by Josh Colp.

Wishing you all an enjoyable journey with FreePBX.


looks around Oh, that’s me.

The new FreePBX issue tracker is at Issues · FreePBX/issue-tracker · GitHub so that’s probably the best place to file issues like this, including for broken links so they can be improved. I expect for both Asterisk and FreePBX broken links will be a problem for awhile, lossy transitions always end up that way with well established projects. We’re still figuring out the best thing to do about our old wiki links over on the Asterisk side.


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