Is FreePBX is supported for WEBRTC?

UCP phone shows, Phone Status only supported over https.

I am using FreePBX version.

I want to use my web page as a SIP Client.

If FreePBX is support for WEBRTC, how to configure it ?

Is any other additional software needed for my requirement ?

I was working on that. As i search on the menu there is no option to enable WEBRTC on freepbx v14. I have tried to install self-sign certificate and the phone option is not connecting. In additional in
Admin > System Admin > Port Management > UCP ( Secure Port ) i have set to default 4443. After this Phone is trying to connect but no luck.
Here is the error i`m getting after enabling the HTTPS:
Unable to connect to the UCP Node Server because: ‘Error: xhr poll error’

Thanks for your information. My ultimate need is need to implement audio and video call in my web application. For my requirement is there any possibility is available with the FreePBX server and other third party web client api like sipml5 or jssip.

Double check your certificate works and it is set to be used in apache in sysadmin. Make sure the webrtc phone is enabled in UCP. Restart the UCP or asterisk after doing those.

Here are the information. After installing i have reboot the server and i get the:
Unable to connect to the UCP Node Server because: ‘Error: xhr poll error’

sys admin

Most (maybe all) browsers require a proper TLS certificate for webrtc. Self-signed is not going to work.

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Will this certificate work?

you can generate a free Let’sEncrypt certificate

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So because of the certificate phone app cant connect to pbx right?

^ Generate a “lets encrypt” certificate. It works after a little bit.

After assigning a certificate you need to restart your system for WebRTC to work. (i might be wrong here)

I used the default self-signed certificate. I had checked with the UCP Phone, it’s always showing the message “connecting to Socket…” only, but not connected.

My primary need is, need to implement SIP client on my own Web application. For this need is there any possibility to do with the FreePBX ?

Instead of self signed certificate if we use the proper SSL certificate, can I implement the SIP client on my web application ? Not only with UCP

I had used the ctxSIP client on my web application,

When I try to register with my client, on FreePBX server PC, Asterisk shows the following error logs

handle_tcptls_connection: Problem setting up ssl connection: error: 00000001: lib(0);func(0):reason(1), Internal SSL error

For my web client I had used the below information,

User: 151
password : [email protected]

For this need what are the possibilities or settings are needed for the FreePBX server ?
I am using self-Signed SSL certificate (Default one)

You must use a valid certificate. Until you install a valid certificate (Which is free, you just need to go and install it via certificate manager), WebRTC will not work. This is your browser saying that. There is no workaround. Use a valid certificate.

Thanks for your reply Rob Thomas.

My FreePBX PC has default 80 port for the Http and 443 port for the Https

I had try to generate the Let’s Encrypt certificate, it’s not allow to create certificate for the localhost and local ip address.

It’s only available for the public reachable network only ?

How can we check with local network ?

Could you give suggestion for local network ?

Without using the FreePBX UCP, if I want to add the SIP client in my Web application. It’s also needs the Lets Encrypt certificate ?

It must be a valid name. Either or use a dynamic DNS provider, such as dyndns.

Thanks for your reply Rob Thomas.

It must be a valid name. Either something.your.isp.com2 or use a dynamic DNS provider, such as dyndns.

What do you mean by Valid Name ? Like a valid and available host name , which needs to be register for my freepbx server ? or the PC host name like freepbx.sangoma.local ? Or Can I use my Public IP address of my LAN ?

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