Is FreePBX distro vulnerable to PolKit?

Just checking?

This was brought up previously at Polkit bug for Linux distros


# chmod 0755 /usr/bin/pkexec

[[email protected] ~]# git clone [email protected]:jfrog/polkit-tools.git
[[email protected] ~]# cd polkit-tools/
[[email protected] polkit-tools]# cd pwnkit_detector/
[[email protected] pwnkit_detector]# make
cc -Wall -fPIC -o pwnkit_detector pwnkit_detector.c
[[email protected] pwnkit_detector]# ./

I have not run yum update which has the updated package

After yum update

[[email protected] pwnkit_detector]# ./
NOT VULNERABLE - "pkexec" is patched
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My apologies to all!

I was surely behind the times and just my knee jerk reaction without a forum search.

Thanks! I had already changed my permissions but will update soon.


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