Is anyone using comcast smtp to send voicemail attachments from their FreePBX?

Good day!

It seems that with more and more ISP’s are tightening up on unknown or non authenticated email domains from allowing email into their email servers. I have not set up two factor auth with gmail yet so that I can get an app password but I have been able to setup my comcast email to send home automation notifications.

I have tried all kinds of combinations in my Sys Admin Pro Email Settings and no joy. The error I can’t get around seems to be unknown user. Comcast requires the [email protected]. The error I get is user unknown that being my username without the

Also, asterisk being the user is also rejected as the from asterisk@mydomain.

Will/does FreePBX strip anyhting from @ and on in the username field? ANyway to change from asterisk in doing tests?

In any setup I must use the full email address of myaccount as the username for SMTP authorization.

AND… not really certain about the other fields that need populating and that auto populate.

I am using FreePBX 15.

Thanks for any help, thoughts.

Voicemail Admin - Settings - Email Config - Email From String

If FreePBX doesn’t work, you could setup a Conjob in Linux to monitor and send. Personally, I would just setup Google and be done with it.

System Admin - Email Setup - PBX GUI - Documentation (

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