Is any free sip softphone with screen pop-up function?

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Hello All,
I am looking for a simple sip soft phone to have a pop-up function on incoming call .
To open an external application with caller’s id.

Do you know such an application ?

Thank you,

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Here are examples for tSIP.
For automatic execution: “on call state change” script:

local callState = GetCallState()
if callState ~= 1 then	-- CALL_INCOMING
local number = GetCallPeer();
-- number = number:gsub("[^0123456789*#ABCD]", "")
if number ~= "" then
	local params = "D:\\" .. number .. ".txt"
	ShellExecute("open", "notepad.exe", params, nil, 1)

For manual triggering - by pressing button or associated hotkey:

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Thank you @tomeko ! I didn’t know until now about tSIP.
I will try it now.

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