Is Adaptive Firewall broken?

Recently we had to move a bunch of our customers phones from the static IP connection in their office to their homes which have DHCP addresses. I have responsive firewall enabled and I am allowing both chan_sip and pjsip but I am still having to add my end users home IP’'s to the firewall? Isn’t the whole purpose of using the responsive firewall is to automatically allow these new addresses in? I updated my PBX to the latest modules and system updates, still having an issue? I want to add 1000’s of more phones to my systems but I cant do that if I have to force end users to have DDNS setup or I have to whitelist the IP’s for every phone. Would this be any different if the phones were setup using the VPN feature? All of the phones having issues are pre-programmed and working on the system but if the local IP changes they cant reconnect even though they have valid username/password and the MAC is registered in my system. Additionally I have the same issue with getting new phones to provision the first time. I have FTP with username/password setup and these phones can not get the initial config unless I whitelist them.

Seems others are experiencing a similar issue.

Take a look at this thread

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