IRV Wait Time Limit in Queue to send to another Option from the IRV

Hello all!

Our system is set up so when a customer calls they are prompted with our IRV system that says press 1 for blah, press 2 for support, press… … etc. etc.
We have a support queue setup and what I want to do is when a customer has waited longer than 10 mins in the support queue that they are then redirected to the main IRV but option 0 is auto pressed.
I could also have it sent to another extension(s) as well.

The goal is after 10 mins of waiting in the support queue they would be sent to the front desk area and their call would be written down and they wouldn’t have to continue to wait on hold.

I was hoping someone could help me achieve this. I found a wait time option after 10 mins the caller would be pulled out of the Queue, but it does not really say what then happens to said, caller.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Set your queue failover option to go to the extension. No need to send to a IVR.

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Thank you, Tony!

Set the Max Wait Time on my Queue to 10 mins
Set the Failover to a new Ring Group for my team up front.

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