IPv6 on FreePBX 64bit

Distro: FreePBX-64bit-10.13.66.iso w/ latest updates & modules. Version is:

Asterisk 13.7.0 built by mockbuild @ jenkins2.schmoozecom.net on a x86_64 running Linux on 2016-01-15 23:27:59 UTC

So I’m trying to get IPv6 connectivity working. I’m using Yealink SIP-T22P Handsets and X-Lite client on my windows/mac. None will connect over IPv6.

I’m having trouble with exactly what needs to be done to get this running. So far, I’ve done the following:

  1. Assign an IPv6 address to the PBX + test it’s working
  2. The machine I’m working on is on the firewall whitelist
  3. In FreePBX GUI > Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings > Advanced General Settings > Bind Address, I’ve put “::”
  4. Created a CHAN_SIP extension, and attempted to register that extension on Port 5061 but registration fails.
  5. I have used the command “lsof -n -i -P | grep asterisk” to ensure the system is listening over IPv6 on 5061:

asterisk 2098 asterisk 20u IPv4 17524 0t0 UDP *:5060 asterisk 2098 asterisk 26u IPv6 18299 0t0 UDP *:5061

Yet, I am not getting any joy with this. SIP registration just fails. Where to start troubleshooting? Am I missing any steps here?

Anyone ever get IPv6 working OK? Was thinking of trying to link two distro’s together over IPv6, but from all I keep reading I am not sure this will work…

No, I did not get this working. In the end I gave up and just use VPN tunnels back to the offices like everyone else. Google was not forthcoming nor was anyone here.

I have IPv6 working with all other major services - apache, postfix, nginx, ssh, snmpd and even IIS etc but after not getting anywhere with I ended up giving up. Still grateful if someone can help!

I think with asterisk 14, pjsip, and sgn7 the devs are going full steam ahead with IPv6 deployment from what I’ve heard.