IPV6 Issues with carrier in FreePBX 2.11 asterisk 11.4

I am running the most current download and freePBX system, but wanted to let you know of a bug issue I have had with my carrier for outgoing calls.

Their systems sees that I am registered, however it appears that you need to disable IPV6 in order to make outgoing calls.

I have to modify /etc/modprobe.conf and set the following options to turn it off for good:

alias ipv6 off
options ipv6

I suppose I will need to go to the asterisk command line to edit the file, but wanted to let the developers know as maybe something can be done to program in future to stop this issue. Maybe having a way to turn on and off from the GUI would also be good.

I hope this may help others, and any additional comments suggestions would be appreciate.

IP routing is not part of FreePBX, the “asterisk command line” will not help you, but bash will.

When you installed the iso, it asked you if you wanted ipv6, you said yes, apparently erroneously. If you want ipv6 you will need a network and routers that fully support ipv6.

How can I remove IPV6 from th installation. It works with another carrier but not the one that I am trying to connect with.

Carrier registers but I can not make calls etc.

My other carrier has no issue with the setup. Any advice is appreciated other than the one I want to switch too has lower costs.