iPhone SIP Client

Has anyone used an iPhone SIP Client? Really only interested in WiFi usage, but if it works over cellular, so much the better.

Searches are not showing any clear recommendations.


Zoiper works “as well as can be expected” for Android and iPhone. It isn’t a replacement for your iPhone, but it is certainly a workable solution, and if you don’t have a really complicated internal WiFi network, it can even work reasonably reliably.

It is not, however, a cell phone, so if your expectation is that it is going to get you a free cell phone (or any derivative understanding of any sort of performance claim near that) you will be disappointed and it will, for some reason, end up being our (specifically my) fault. Fair warning - if you don’t expect flawless performance and troublefree operation, Zoiper works pretty well most of the time.

I compared Linphone and ZoIPer a bit over a year ago and settled on using ZoIPer personally.

But Linphone has updated lately and I keep meaning to give it a try.

Linphone: https://www.linphone.org
ZoIPer: https://www.zoiper.com

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bria with a small price
gs wave if you want a free solution

1 vote for Bria here. Works amazingly well no problems ever.

I want Grandstream Wave to work since they claim having BLF but it’s just not there yet. Crashes continually. Not reliable at all.

Zoiper can be a complete replacement if you are in android.

On the iPhone you have to manually open the app every time the phone reboots to be able to receive calls.

If they ever have BLF functionality I would buy it. But I do not see it in a feature list.

gs wave then;
says it has blf funcionality

SessionTalk is the best for me cause keeps registered in background

I have a few ‘apple boyz’, they are very happy with zoiper, but we use tcp on a non-standard port for, both battery economy and bypassing some mobile carriers blocks,

(These are possibly good advices for any soft-phone client on any mobile OS/carrier pairing . . .)