Ipdect db20n

Anyone have any secrets to getting these IPDECT phones working? We purchased a number of these units and can’t get any to function. I’ve followed the wiki
https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/PHON/Getting+Started+with+the+DC201 but have had no joy.

It certainly looks like the extension on the base station registers and on Asterisk I see the extension fine. But if I try to call it, I get a fast busy and Asterisk log says, Got SIP response 604 “Does Not Exist Anywhere” back from (ip of basestation).

I’m thinking this must be a basestation to extension configuration issue but I’m not sure why.

Also, I have tried to register the MAC address of the DB20N with our Sangoma portal to open a ticket however the Claim Product replies, “We couldn’t find a product with that serial number.”

Are these phones capable of registration with Sangoma portal? I’ve had much better experiences with ATA and analog cordless phones.


Started unpacking other handsets and they have registered correctly and I have no problems making/receiving calls. I’m not sure how to register a ticket for this handset yet, but the others work great.

I am having a terrible time getting our DB20N registered… I am trying to use the End Point Manger and it keeps telling me: “Please enter proper MAC address before proceeding with submission…” However, it lists the basestation and its MAC address is correct… What am I missing???


I’m having the same problem with my DB20N base station. I followed the steps in the wiki guide and still it errors out on the MAC address.

If you are having the DECT MAC address issue, run these commands as root:

 fwconsole ma --edge upgrade endpoint
 fwconsole restart

Note of course that 2nd command also restarts asterisk and disconnects all active calls.
Also, make sure you clear the browser cache.

Once upgraded, a hard browser refresh ctrl-F5 may be necessary to clear the error.

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