IP/PoE speaker that works with FreePBX

Hi guys,

Does anyone know model/brand and had success to setup such device?

What my client is looking for:

  1. They can announce/page something over it in a noisy (manufacturing) environment. Like, Attention, attention, meeting starts in 30 minutes…
  2. No need to talk back to it, just announce/page.
  3. PoE.
  4. 100% FreePBX compatible.

I found this unit:

I’ve heard I need to set an extension for it and just dial on the phone to page. Is it correct?


Algo is great. You can either register an extension and use auto answer, or use multicast paging

Ok, good to know! Do I need horn speaker as in my URL above to setup as per requirement?

That works if you need loud audio to cover a large amount of space. The 8180 is better for an office environment, and can also hook into an existing analog paging system if you have one.

Thanks for confirmation. This will be for a shop-floor environment only.
Other question I had is more FPBX related; I don’t need to upgrade an EPM for this? Is it just a matter of getting into speaker web-server and program it with SIP protocol, etc.?

You can do most things in the web gui, although I always recommend using config files to provision devices.

This is new method for me. Unless EPM module uses it when deploying devices.

This is exactly what EPM does

I’ve used the 8186 and am happy with it. I’ve also used Fanvils iw30 which also works well. You can also use a Fanvil PA3 with an analog horn + 24v power supply. All three solutions work great.

Awesome! I think I will stick to Algo unit, already asked my vendors if they carry it. Seems not many vendors have them.

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