IP Phone Extentions NOT registering with PBX

I am having trouble getting the extensions to work with my phones.
I have set up Trunks, Incoming and Outgoing Routes, Extenstions and Ring Groups as per install instructions.
I added the extensions to my Polycom Soundpoint IP601 phone and the extensions show on display hopwever the extensions are not connecting with the pbx.

When I do a test call to my phone number the phone rings normally and can answer it and speak to people. the call routs directly to my phone and does not seem to go through pbx.
When I make an outgoing call can also speak to people so acts normally.
If I dial just the extension number on its own it connects directly to voip provider and get recoding says cannot connect to this number, so the extention dialed is routing directly to voip provider and not going through pbx.

so it seems the incoming and outgoing routes are set up fine but its the extentions issues that are baffling me

i have taken screenshots of pbx and phone settings so can anyone tell me what is wrong?

click on image below to see all 19 screenshot images

please note: this is a test account to get to know system so passwords and other stuff is simple for a reason and not used on LIVE system.

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